airport security nazi

Its 4;30am, 5 people at the airport.
We walk up to the security desk and are yelled at by a very angry security agent.
Apparently, we (and 4 others) didn’t obey the sign none of us saw.
She made us all walk back to the front of the ‘line’ and wind our way through the roped off line, ending up where we started.
We then got a rude lecture about boarding passes and lines.
Is it just Detroit or has the whole country gone insane?

so much stupidity, so little time.

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You take the bad with the good.
We’re off to St. Lucia! Yay!
We had to get up at 2:30 this morning to catch our plane. Booooooooo!
Fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas, here we come.

so much stupidity, so little time.

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where’s the gas?

Seriously, I’m gonna douse this useless heap of crap in gasoline and set it on fire!
Die MS! DIE!!!!

so much stupidity, so little time.

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microsoft, worst OS EVER!!!

POS! Garbage! How is this company still in business?
Seriously, every time I am forced to use it, I throw up!
Updates, restart.
Crash, restart.
Virus, mallware, blue screen, unresponsive crap!

so much stupidity, so little time.

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more abuse

Can the lack of respect and unending abuse get any worse?
Yes, I’m afraid it can, will, and has.
Its a good thing I can manage my job responsibilities on my own.
I don’t need this abuse.
I’ve got 22 years of experience and a degree, who needs this crap!?

so much stupidity, so little time.

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My favorite show are back for the new season. I’m happy.

I have a rule when deciding to follow a new show on tv.
I wait for the first season to end, and start watching it only if ratings are high and it looks like it will survive more than a year.
I didn’t do that with the top two show of my top five best shows on television.
Thank God they’re both hits!

Dr. Who
Its a British sci fi show.
Great stories, great acting.
Love the show.

Like Bones, but Gregory House is a quite possibly the closest any network has come to showing what it’s like living with me.
Probably why my wife likes it so much.

#3 tie
Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Sanctuary.
Just when the Sci-fi channel cancels Stargate and Stargate Atlantis, they make me feel like there is hope in the world by giving me these three gems.

Funny, rude, inappropriate, sexist, brash, and just damn funny.
I swear, I’m gonna piss my pants one day watching an episode.

This has got to be the smartest written, best acted, interesting show on tv.
I love this show.
Timothy Olyphant is outstanding. Bravo!
And the supporting cast is great.
Add to that the sheriff drinks Blantons, and I’m hooked for life.
May it see it’s way to ten or more seasons!

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picture test

Video doesn’t work on wordpress. Let’s see if pictures work.

so much stupidity, so little time.

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testing video


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earthquake shmearthquake…

Apparently we had an earthquake yesterday.
I didn’t feel it.
I did, however, see nothing but earthquake coverage on the local news all afternoon and into the night.
Enough already.
it’s over. We’ve all survived. Move on.
In bigger news, thousands of sheep line up days in advance for the new iPhone4.
Experts predict that by the time the last person in line purchases their new iPhone, it will have been updated to the newer iPhone5!

So much stupidity, so little time.

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An Apple Mini for $699?

I’m taking time out from my blog to write an open letter to Steve Jobs.
We will resume our regularly scheduled Rants when my blood pressure  returns to safe levels again.

Dear Mr. Jobs,

I’ve been a fan and admirer of your company for some time now.
Your products are ground breaking and very high quality.
Your operating system is a joy to use and frees me from hours of tech support for all the family and friends I’ve converted to the Cult of Mac.
Your iPod Touch and iPad are fantastic.

So why the Hell are you charging $699 for a stripped down Apple Mini?!!??

I mean really? $699 for a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB of memory?  A 320GB hard drive and not even so much as a Blu Ray drive?

Are you out of your mind?

It’s supposed to be your entry level Mac.
It’s supposed to be the affordable desktop that entices people into buying Mac.
It’s not supposed to cost $700!!!!

Dear God man! You can get a Macbook for a couple hundred more!!!

What were you thinking?
Let’s kill the Mini once and for all?
Who in their right mind is going to shell out $700 for a basic desktop when they can have three times the machine for that much?

Not to mention no keyboard, mouse, monitor, BLURAY!!!

I feel sick. This makes me sick. I’m sick.

So much stupidity, so little time.


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