My calling…

I didn’t expect or envision this blog to be a full blown anti-blog of other posts and news articles, but there it is.

I seem to be attacking more and more articles than I’d like, but it’s kind of difficult not to.  What with all of the buffoons and morons out there posting painfully stupid and contradictorily ramblings that remind me of an annoying child screaming:


Seriously, these people are really pissing me off.

Case in point.
A recent post on CIO Insight by Tony Kontzer illustrated my point more than any other.

Here’s the link:

Tony tries to trash the iPad in a way that trashes his writing ability.

For instance, he has issue with Apple using the term ‘intimate’ when describing the iPad experience.

In his words, “Under no circumstances should the word “intimate” be used to describe any technological device. How intimate can a pile of metal and plastic and circuitry possibly be?”


Then why would you use the words, ‘seductive’ and ‘desire’ in your article when describing the iPad?

It is an intimate experience. One on one. Tactile. Personal.
Seems to me that the term intimate fits just fine.

And enough of the multi-tasking bashing.  If you paid attention to the latest news, you’d have noticed that the multi-tasking function is coming in a few months.  A multi-tasking that will blow away the current way multi-tasking is handled.
And nothing pisses me off more than when some moron buys a new piece of technology, knowing full well which bells and whistles it contains, and complains about it after the fact.

Last point.
This guy actually bitched about the pricing.
Nothing, I mean NOTHING, does what the iPad does or will do.

I’m not a writer.
Nobody pays me to write my blog.
It’s a hobby, therapy, good clean fun.

So when a hack is paid to spew this tripe across the internet, I take offense.
The news media has become an unprofessional, amateurish,  infantile, den of fools.
Put some effort into your craft and have some dignity in your profession!

So much stupidity, so little time.


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  1. intersting viewpoint, keep it up!

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