The Poison Apple

Apple, you have forsaken me!!!

I wish to regale you with a story.
A cautionary tale of Trust and Betrayal.
A story of international intrigue and theft.
A story of Love lost.
I call this tale,

The Poison Apple…

Our saga begins innocently enough, Angryshortguy tries to update his beloved iPad only to find that he is unable to log in!
“What’s this?” He exclaims, “Must be a mistake.”
But alas, it is no mistake.
For you see, an evil empire has stolen his identity, his iTunes login.
A hacker from China has kidnapped his iTunes login ID and has emptied it of all its’ life (my credits were stolen to purchase Chinese apps).
A call is sent out to his Champion, Apple iTunes Support.
His Champion is busy. About 45 minutes busy as our victim waits and worries.
But not to worry, not to worry. Our Champion, iTunes support, is here! And with a flurry of activity and conferring with her fellow Champion, the torch is passed and our new Champion (iTunes support dude) vanquishes the evil agent of China and restores our hapless victim’s account and password.

Some sense of normalcy is restored.

But the story doesn’t end there. It is only the beginning.
For you see, our helpless victim is once again victimized.
This time it is his Champion who turns on him and strikes a mortal blow to his long standing customer loyalty!!!

You see, there will be no return of the lost $62.00 in iTunes Credit. Not even the use of apps purchased with said credits.

What’s done is done. Our victim has been raped twice in one day. He won’t be sitting for a while…

But our Champion is moved by the pleas and apparent knowledge of our victim. He promises to alert the king (manager) and will send for him post-haste!

Still waiting for that 24 hour call back two days later.

Messengers are dispatched to deliver requests for leniency and understanding.
One to support, one to the Emporer, the fabled and mythical Steven of Jobs.
Support responds within hours!
Can it be that our poor victim is finally reaching an end to his ordeal?
Alas, no.
His response follows:

Regrettably, I won’t be able to refund this purchase for you. The iTunes Store Terms of Service states that Apple is not responsible for losses arising out of the unauthorized use of your account. Please see the Terms of Service.

OHHHHHH Cruel Fate!!! Oh poison Apple! Ohhhh lazy and extremely irritating automated responses!!!

Oh Crap.

The moral of the story?

When a company get’s so big for it’s britches that it can’t throw a bone to a loyal customer, it’s time to find a new company to do business with.

Windows 7 and Android are looking pretty good lately…

So much stupidity, so little time.

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