i can’t have nothing nice

Nothing lasts forever.
I learned that little fact early in life. It was later enforced when I had kids.
Things I owned, nice things, were broken or vanished with great regularity.
But this latest assault to my ‘nice things’ was perhaps the most upsetting.
My three week old Ford Mustang was damaged by a shower of rocks coming out of the back of a DOT truck.
BAM! There goes the nice red paint job on my hood.
Nothing I can do about it.
The nice lady at the DOT was very apologetic and offered to send me a claim form.
“What are the chances of my claim being paid off?” I asked.
Her reply?
“They won’t pay.”
So I’m left with three chunks to the metal smack dab in the center of my hood, rust to follow.
Michigan, you suck…
I have nowhere safe to drive.
Construction on roads that don’t need it, and roads that are unsafe to drive on.
Cmon DOT, get your act together and pull your corrupted head out of your rear!

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